This single fin is a collaboration between myself and the Salty Fin Merchants. Finding the right Singlefin to suit heavy log surfboards is not an easy thing to get right. After many many years of riding many Singlefin surfboards with many different fin designs I have finally got the perfect fin in my opinion. Below is a more detailed description but this fin works amazingly in any single fin longboard for any sized person. Basically a perfectly sized fin for hold while nose riding with flex and depth for drive.

Here is a more detailed description: with  a solid base and height for overall drive combining an even foil with a solid front edge and combined top third fin flex for squirt out of you turns. Getting the combination of rake/ flex/ base/ foil ect for a fantastic single fin has taken some time but here it finally is:

The Beau Young 1075

Price: $135 AUD
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